Monday, November 05, 2007

How I Spent My Summer

How I spent my summer

I'm thrilled to announce that in 2008 my book on what musicians are doing to change the world will be released by Omnibus Press. I spent the summer interviewing musicians on the projects that are near and dear to their heart. I had the opportunity to interview Martin Sexton, Elliott Yamin, Gavin DeGraw, Chuck Leavell (musician for the Rolling Stones) and more. Some artists shared personal stories about the tragedies and triumphs in their life and how they are trying to make a difference. Other artists, such as Chuck Leavell, contributed essays about important topics to them. For example, would you know that Chuck is a save-the-trees forest expert? He's written books on the subject and has done a tremendous amount to help our forests. Sometimes when we watch our favorite bands, we think that this is all they do. It's interesting to find out that they have other passions as well. I'll keep you posted on the happenings!

Oh and a little momma bragging if you don't mind. My daughter has started a teen literary blog site, so if you have time, check it out. It's great that in this day and age, there are teens like her who still love to read. Feel free to pass on the blog to those you know.

And in other news: Absolut recently held an event in honor of ABSOLUT New Orleans, a limited-edition bottle that was on shelves for three months. 100% of the profit from sales went to help five different charities around the gulf coast. At the event, celebrities Will Ferrell, Eva Longoria, Brooke Shields, Whoopi Goldberg, Matthew McConaughey and Michael Imperioli signed bottles that were then silent-auctioned off at the event. There was also a Fats Domino poster and a guitar signed by Little Steven Van Zandt.

The production of Absolut New Orleans will be accompanied by a minimum charitable donation of $2 million to organizations benefiting New Orleans and cities along the Gulf Coast. The Absolut Spirits Company, Inc. will donate 100 percent of its ABSOLUT NEW ORLEANS profits to charities along the Gulf Coast, including organizations in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. ABSOLUT NEW ORLEANS will celebrate the spirit of the city by forging partnerships with non-profit organizations that are dedicated to rebuilding the Gulf region. New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, Hands On Gulf Coast, Volunteer Mobile, Tipitina’s Foundation and the Louisiana Restaurant Association Education Foundation will each receive a monetary donation to support programs that will help rebuild their respective cities and revive the vibrant culture of the Gulf.

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