Monday, January 21, 2008

Adrienne Shelly Foundation

Adrienne Shelly

Waitress -- No this isn't a movie review, but if it were I would tell you that I absolutely adored the movie Waitress, starring Keri Russell and Adrienne Shelly, who also wrote the film. I rented it the other day after hearing several people tell me how good it was.

When I rent a DVD, I always look at the extras that come with it. So, while I was looking for the gag reel (my fave extra), I found information on the Adrienne Shelly Foundation.

It was there that I learned about the tragic ending to Shelly's life. on November 1, 2006, she was found hanging by a bedsheet by her husband. At first it appeared to be a suicide. Later, it was determined that she was murdered by her downstairs neighbor.

After her death, her husband Andy Ostroy founded the Adrienne Shelly Foundation because as Andy writes on the webpage, "To continue Adrienne’s dream, I started this foundation with the goal of helping women achieve their own filmmaking dreams. I hope you’ll join me in supporting this important mission with your generous contribution. And if you like what we’re doing, please forward our link to your friends, family and associates who might be interested in supporting us as well."

When I decided to write about celebrity-do-gooders, it wasn't just to report on the Bonos and Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolies of the world. It was to let you know that many faces in Hollywood -- in front of and behind the camera -- are doing what they can to help change the world. Many people, like Andy, were personally affected by a tragedy, illness or circumstance that prompted them to make a change.

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