Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kassie DePaiva and her One Life to Live

Kassie DePaiva and her
One Life to Live

I had a wonderful opportunity the other day to interview Kassie DePaiva, who plays Blair Daimler on ABC's One Life to Live, for a great website run by author Debbie Feit, called Kassie is such a nice person, easy to interview and really has compassion and dedication for the work that she does for The League for the Hard of Hearing. My article with her will include her life with her son, J.Q. who was born deaf, what she went through in those early years and what her life is like today. She's really an inspiration!
Stay tuned!


fanofkassie said...

Kassie is wonderful and always has time for her fans :) I actually got to met her. Thanks for posting the great read!

Richard J Davis said...

Hi Kassie I also have a hearing problem. It's nice to have a person like you dedicated to helping out
Thanks. Love your character, you have a great singing voice.