Friday, October 31, 2008

What's Happening...

There are many happenings crossing my desk (and that's good news!) so I thought I'd give you a synopsis of what's been going on with celebrity-do-gooders and where you can find more information:

Jennifer Hudson Announces Foundation

Out of tragedy, comes hope and goodness. People magazine announced that Jennifer Hudson has formed The Hudson-King Foundation for Families of Slain Victims -- named in honor of the singer-actress's slain mother Darnell Hudson Donerson, brother Jason Hudson and nephew Julian King. For more information, including the address of where you can send donations, read here.

Celebrity Astronauts
They have soared into outer space, performed daring space walks, took giant leaps on the moon and now want to spend time with you! More than 50 celebrity astronauts, including John Glenn, Jim Lovell and Buzz Aldrin, are offering once-in-a-lifetime one-on-one experiences, cool space artifacts and autographed items in the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's (ASF) 6th Annual Online Auction of Astronaut Experiences and Memorabilia which opens today, October 31, 2008. Source: MarketWatch

Debra Messing designs jewelry for Youth Aids

I am a huge Debra Messing fan, so I'll always write about her. Click here for more information!

Celebrity Athletes helping Single Moms
I'm a single mom and I know what it's like to struggle. It's nice to see celeb athletes stepping up and recognizing that some single mothers need assistance. As a dedication to my own mom, who was a single mother since I was 7, and is a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan, I'm posting about Roy Williams who is hosting Bowling with the 'Boys for his Safety Net Foundation that helps low-income, single-parent mothers next Thursday at 300 Dallas in Addison, Texas. According to his website, "Inspired by his sister Alecia, a single mother doing her best to raise her young son, Dallas Cowboys All-Pro Safety Roy Williams launched the Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation in July 2004 to help ensure low-income single mothers in the Dallas area receive support, guidance, and assistance to enhance their quality of life."

Baltimore Ravens Terrell Suggs Supports Awareness of Sickle Cell Disease

This past weekend, Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Terrell Suggs, celebrated his birthday by hosting the 1st Annual Team Sizzle Worldwide Celebrity Weekend in Baltimore, MD. Proceeds raised went to The William E. Proudford Sickle Cell Fund, which partners with major institutions to provide ongoing financial support for sickle cell awareness, education and research at Mid-Atlantic area children's hospitals. A caring community servant, Terrell was inspired to direct his energy and resources toward care for sickle cell patients after meeting a teenager who loves football but whose condition has prevented him from playing and therefore expresses his frustration through paintings. "After meeting him, I really felt the need to help him and others in his condition," said Suggs. "I'm incredibly blessed and the children I've met remind me how many people are unable to do some of the things many of us take for granted. I am honored to assist the William E Proudford Sickle Cell fund in their quest to ‘imagine a world without sickle cell' and hope that my community and other attendees will continue the effort."

Alonzo Mourning is Bowling! (Hey, it's one of my favorite things to do!)

The Annual Zo's “King Pin” Classic is back, bringing Tracy and Alonzo Mourning and VIP guests, to bowl alongside them, at Lucky Strike Lanes on South Beach in early 2009! The event will help to raise funds for the Honey Shine Mentoring Program, a program of Alonzo Mourning Charities. The event will offer rounds at the billiards tables, relaxation at massage stations, and virtual bowling on Nintendo Wii, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres for all. In addition, bowlers will receive a bowling shirt, commemorative team gift, and photo with the Mournings. Auctions and raffle prizes accompanied by great music from Miami’s own DJ Irie and crashing pins will keep guests on their toes throughout the night!

When: Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 from 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm at Lucky Strike Lanes, 1691 Michigan Ave., South Beach, Florida.

South Florida media and the public are invited to attend (I would if I could!) Teams of 10 may enter for $5,000, individual slots are available for $500, and general
admission is $125. For more information, contact Alisha Sanford at

Alonzo Mourning Charities (AM Charities) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public fundraising foundation. Its mission is to encourage the educational development of youth by creating programs and youth enrichment centers that promote positive change in low socioeconomic communities. Since 1997, AM Charities has raised more than $6.5 million for various programs that aid in the development of children and their families. In addition to supporting numerous educational initiatives, Mourning focuses his attention to stimulating the development of youth enrichment centers. With the help of donors, Mourning opened the first center in 2003 in the historic area of Overtown, in South Florida, known as the Overtown Youth Center. For more information, visit


Honey Shine Mentoring Program, a program of Alonzo Mourning Charities, works to empower young girls to shine as women. The bi-weekly workshops and summer camp that make up the program help develop and nurture the mind, body, and soul, of young women by providing experiences that enlighten and create balance in their lives. For more information, visit

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