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Shea Curry -- Safe Passage Home

When an actor or actress works on a movie, there’s a lot of down time. They are often waiting for lights to be set, scenes to be made and directors to get their shots right. What do they do when there’s nothing to do but wait?

Well, if you’re Shea Curry, you take advantage of the time you have by doing something creative and start another business. Then, you take the time to give a portion of those profits to charity. Shea Curry is a busy actress – she’s been in the Will Smith movie “Hancock,” appeared in “Georgia Rule,” and “Princess Diaries 2.” She has had credits in television including “CSI: Miami,” “Las Vegas” and “Malcolm in the Middle” to name a few and has been featured in soap operas “Guiding Light” and “Days of Our Lives.”

So Shea knows what it’s like to wait in her dressing room. While there, she decided to start a jewelry design business and the cast and crew were interested in buying the jewelry, including the legendary Julie Andrews. She even outfitted her bridal party with jewelry that she custom designed.

The jewelry, now called “Aspire by Shea Curry,” is gorgeous – it’s jewelry collection features moissanite jewels set in precious metals, and 10 percent of all proceeds are donated to Safe Passage Home, a charitable cause that is committed to restoring abused women and their children to a new and better life. Their mission is to provide them with extreme life make over within a three-month period by offering restorative services including safe shelter, counseling, corrective dental and plastic surgery to restore physical damage and neglect, job placement, housing and follow-up support.

Shea and I talked about her jewelry business and Safe Passage Home.

Why did you pick Safe Passage Home?

I did a lot of charity research and sometimes when you put the energy out things come to you. A friend of mine then asked me if I wanted to go to a charity event and it was an event for Safe Passage. I knew it was exactly the kind of charity I was looking to work with. I wanted to do something that empowered women. It pulled at my heartstrings.

Do you know women who have been in abusive relationships?

Yes, this was personal for me. I do have friends that have been in relationships that have not been good. I know how difficult it is to be abused and then want to get out of the relationship and the commitment to do it. To do it, you need so much support.

Have you met women from the Home?

Yes, this past summer I attended the summer annual charity event and met several of the women who have gone through Safe Passage. They like their privacy, but they are still afraid that their abusers might find them – they are terrified. Some have children, a lot of times it’s not the women but the children too. If you are a child, you’re watching your dad beat your mom and the patterns continue. I did get to meet some of them and hear some of their horror stories. Some are missing front teeth, others have miscarried. Horrible stories.

I wanted to meet founder, Trish Steele, because for me it just isn’t about giving proceeds to the charity. I wanted to meet the people involved in it and I did. They were thrilled. They can use all the support financial they can get, as well as the support of wanting to be part of the program.

Why did you make jewelry?

It’s like acting, it fills a creative process. When there was the writer’s strike it allowed me to keep my mental capabilities. Plus, I don’t need to wait for someone to okay a design; it’s mine. It’s therapeutic.

Shea’s jewelry is gorgeous and she says that the women from Safe Passage Home inspire her next designs. Each one is hand made and uniquely different.

Check out her jewelry at
Part of the jewelry proceeds are donated to Safe Passage Home. Please help support this organization.

Thanks Shea!!!

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