Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Alec Baldwin donates $1 million to alma mater

So I'm a college student walking in New York City from my job to class. I walked the same way every day -- from 42nd Street to the New York Institute of Technology on 61st St. One night, Alec Baldwin walks right by me. He was in The Doctors at that point and I loved him on that show. I was thrilled, but he was walking pretty fast.

The next night, Alec Baldwin walks by me AGAIN. Okay, something's up, I thought, and I promised myself that if he walked by me the same time the next day I was going to stop him and ask him for an autograph. Guess what! The next day he walked right by me and I grabbed his arm! I'm sure I startled him, but it was before the day of entourages...LOL. Ends up he was in a play and was going to rehearsal every night. I told him I was going to school and this was the 3rd time he walked by me. He asked me what I was majoring in and I told him Journalism and Communications. We talked about it for a few minutes, but GUESS WHAT. I didn't have a pen! Maybe that's why I have 5 pens in my pocketbook all the time now -- just in case.

Well, Alec, if you're reading this, I'm the one that grabbed your arm on the New York Street one day when you were in a play while in The Doctors. Doubtful if you remember, but I just wanted to say that I think it's really cool that you remembered your roots and donated money to the School. And hey, I have a pen now if you want to send that autograph.

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jenhaupt said...

I love Alec and am so glad to see that he's generous as well as handsome and funny. Great blog, Lisa!