Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Congrats to Hank Azaria and Olivia Wilde

At the beginning of December, The Artivist Collective announced the Artivist Award winners for the 6th Annual Artivist Film Festival Awards. Actress and activist Olivia Wilde ("House") and Actor Hank Azaria accepted the Artivist Award, honoring artists whose exemplary work in their community stands out as a shining example of one person's ability to change the world for the better.

Actor Hank Azaria ("The Simpsons” Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian) is the founder of Determined to Succeed, an educational non-profit organization dedicated to providing an exceptional group of low socio-economic students with comprehensive year-round support.

Olivia Wilde (left) has helped numerous causes including Power Up Gambia, Artists for Peace and Justice, the ACLU and the Barack Obama campaign.

Producer and President of Rhino Films Stephen Nemeth also received an award for his advocacy on behalf of numerous causes including the Wildlife Ecostation, Wheels For Humanity, Children Uniting Nations, Shine On Sierra Leone, OneVoice, the Veggie Van Organization, LACMA, Amnesty International, Rock the Vote and more.

Past Artivist Award recipients include: Ted Danson, Alyssa Milano, Joaquin Phoenix, Matthew McConaughey, Mira Sorvino, James Cromwell, Ed Begley Jr, Tippi Hedren, Claes Nobel of the NOBEL Prize Family and Mike Farrell.

Artivist is the first film festival dedicated to addressing International Human Rights, Children's Advocacy, Environmental Preservation, and Animal Advocacy. In addition to the artist awards, Artivist also awards a feature and short in each of these four categories. Additionally the Artivist Spirit Award goes to the film that best embodies the overall mission of the festival.

The Artivist Film Festival screens over 40 independent, narratives, documentaries, shorts, and experimental films from around the globe at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood from December 1-5, concluding with the Artivist Awards. The festival’s mission is to strengthen the voice of advocate artists - "Artivists" - while raising public awareness for global causes.

Since its inception in 2004, the Artivist Film Festival has showcased over 400 films representing more than 45 countries around the world. Artivist has reached millions of people with its film festivals in Hollywood, London, Tokyo, Mexico City, and Lisbon, and through its website at

Additionally, in recognition of the socially conscious platform it provides, Artivist has been endorsed by Claes Nobel of the Nobel Prize family, Amnesty International, and the United Nations Department of Public Information.

Many films awarded at Artivist have gone on to great acclaim including Academy Award winner Born Into Brothels, Academy Award Nominees Super-Size Me and God Sleeps in Rwanda. The festival has also held the Los Angeles Premieres of Fast Food Nation, Emmanuelle's Gift, Stolen Childhoods, Zeitgeist, Zeitgest Addendum and Trudell.

All proceeds benefit the Annual Artivist Film Festival, creating a platform for socially conscious "Artivists" to share their inspirational and informative films with the world.

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