Monday, December 10, 2007

Starting over

Starting Over...

While I wait for the next celeb interviews (I'm so excited about the ones I have coming up!), this weekend was cold and rainy and I spent a large portion of it nursing my aching knee (old basketball injury). I didn't want to aggravate it by walking at the mall -- besides I'm done with my holiday shopping and my budget is back on track, so why tempt myself -- so instead, I spent part of the weekend cleaning out some things in the garage. I found a box of old computer games that my kids have outgrown, so I went on, found my local group, listed them (for free, hence the name) and within 10 minutes, someone confirmed they would pick them up. The woman who took them was struggling this year -- she was working, but her husband was currently unemployed and they couldn't afford much for their children. They had a computer, given to them by a friend, and the games would make a nice gift. My daughter threw in some Beanie Babies and dolls that were still in good condition and while we cleaned out our garage, we made the holiday of another parent. Don't ya love that feeling?

I've been cleaning out a lot of things in the house and trying to continue with my motto, 'if it's not useful or sentimental, it's gone.' The new year is coming up and it's a great time to start fresh in many areas of your life!

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