Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Incubus Donates $10,000 to Rock the Earth

Incubus Donates $10,000 to Rock the Earth
Rock the Earth, the Denver-based environmental advocacy and defense organization that draws support from musicians and their fans, has received a grant from the alternative rock band Incubus for its ongoing promotion of environmental awareness at concerts and festivals across the US. The $10,000 donation from Incubus’s Make Yourself Foundation, not only is the largest single donation the organization has received to date, but is the second grant of note within the last two months. In November 2007, Bonnie Raitt’s Aria Foundation also donated money to the three-year-old organization. The Incubus grant will have a significant impact on Rock the Earth’s overall outreach efforts this summer.

The grant from the Make Yourself Foundation will help RTE reach their goal of a 50% increase in education, advocacy, and outreach at concerts and events within the next year. Of the several objectives targeted this year, upgrading existing call-to-action materials and exhibits to supply four booths used across the country simultaneously and expanding volunteer management and training programs will be a top priority. The organization also plans to name an outreach coordinator to manage the anticipated 240 dates and events mapped for the coming year.
Based on past experience, Rock the Earth foresees a presence at major festivals including Bonnaroo, Coachella, and the Virgin Festival along with being invited to tour with at least three high-profile bands. The 2007 touring partners included the aforementioned Incubus in addition to Ozzfest, Warped Tour, the Allman Brothers Band, and the Dave Matthews Band.

Founded in 2002 by environmental attorney Marc Ross, Rock The Earth has engaged in over two dozen projects to protect endangered environmental resources and natural spaces, earned loyalty and support from more than 2,000 members in all 50 states, and developed and expanded the relationships in the music industry. Through education and advocacy programs, as well as legal and technical assistance, Rock The Earth strives to be the voice through which the music community speaks for the environment.

Outreach and advocacy takes place at concerts and festivals across the US, as fans are informed, engaged, and given the opportunity to get involved. Over the years, Rock the Earth has received grants and donations from artists such as Jack Johnson, Bonnie Raitt, The Mark Vann Foundation, the String Cheese Incident, The Rex Foundation, and Michael Franti. In addition, Dave Matthews, Bon Jovi, the Allman Brothers, Ozzfest and numerous other artists have assisted the organization by allowing them to have a presence at concerts and donated both music and auction items to help the grassroots organization raise additional funding toward their program activities. Their assistance has enabled Rock the Earth to take action to address environmental threats in the Grand Canyon, the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, and a number of other locations around the nation.

The Make Yourself Foundation, which has raised over one million dollars to date, is a registered non-profit organization that funds various causes and charities both locally and around the world. The band funds the foundation by donating a portion of the proceeds generated from touring, record royalties, online auctions of Incubus concert tickets and memorabilia, and special events. Says front man Brandon Boyd, “We are honored and grateful to be doing this, and we are certain that with the participation of everyone and our wonderfully supportive fans that we will succeed in this first of what will be many goals in the future. One person working diligently alone can do wonders, but many people working harmoniously together can accomplish worlds. Thank you.”

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