Monday, February 11, 2008


A family that blogs together...

Here's my 30 second commercial about me and my family --

I have several blogs, my daughter has one ( and my son, Travis, just started his own It's late at night and I'll explain later why this means a lot to me (my youngest might be next LOL) but if you could check out my kids' blogs I'd appreciate it. Nicole writes about books and Travis writes about video games. Travis is 13 and he's just getting started in this field. He's excited about it! Nicole is doing incredibly well, with a local radio interview, newspaper promotion and access to book promotions and books before they hit the market now. Unreal! I promise to explain soon... Thanks so much for my 30 second family commercial.


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Victoria =] said...

Both of their blogs are great! And blogging is fun, it helps me to get what I'm thinking off my mind without cramping up my hand. =]