Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DCCT, Elephant Paintings and Standing up for Cancer Research

DCCT and Elephant Paintings

Have you ever seen the elephants who paint (better than most of us!)? If not, check this video out. Well, the talented animals helped to raise about $6000 for an organization DCCT.

DCCT stands for Dreams Can Come True and was founded by Jemma Jacques. The organization recently held this charity fundraiser to sell the elephant drawings and use the money to help build orphanages in Thailand. Actress Nia Peeples spoke at the event.

I'm interested in seeing this organization grow and learning more about them in the future.

Stand Up for Cancer Research

I lost my husband to cancer and so did Katie Couric. There are millions of others who have been touched by this terrible disease (I actually fought thyroid cancer too and thankfully am clean now). So whatever can be done to raise money to fight cancer works for me. Read here to find out what the television stations are doing next month to raise money and awareness.

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deirdre said...

Lisa -
I've been in touch with the web editor for SU2C. This is such an amazing event and I admire the efforts and compassion these networks are dedicating against the against this dispicable disease. As you know, I too have felt the devastating effects of cancer. Take care. Love your blogs