Saturday, August 02, 2008

Deontay Wilder -- An Olympic fighter

It's the year of the Olympics and even our toughest competitors have a soft side when it comes to causes that are near and dear to their heart. Take Deontay Wilder, for example. In the July 29, 2008 edition of Quick and Simple magazine, there was an article on this 22-year-old heavyweight boxer whose toughest fight is outside the ring. His daughter, Naieya, who is absolutely adorable, suffers from spina bifida. For those of you who don't know what spina bifida is, it's a permanent disability that results when the spine doesn't close all the way and is actually exposed. The article goes on to talk about Deontay's push to succeed in the ring so he can give his daughter a better life. The love this Olympian has for his daughter is inspirational to all parents of special needs children who need that push to continue. USA Today also ran an article on this inspiration. You can read about him here. Good luck Deontay!

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