Thursday, July 17, 2008

So, what's been going on!

I took a break from this blog because I was busy working on two books which will be out later this year, but now I'm jumping back in. Some good news:

1. I'll be a contributor soon for one of my favorite blogs, and I'll keep you posted when that starts.
2. Upcoming interviews on this site include: Curt Schilling and his wife Shonda (Curt graciously donated an autographed baseball for a local event to I was helping with to raise money for a patient with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), Kassie DePaiva from One Life to Life, and G.W. Bailey (remember him from Police Academy?!) and several more!

What else is going on -- well, while I was away, some celeb news landed in my email:
Remember Maureen McCormick, most known for portraying Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch? She's been busy helping poor children in Zambia, Africa through Children International, a nonprofit humanitarian organization based in Kansas City, Mo. (* To read more about Children International, visit

Model Cindy Crawford has been working on behalf of pediatric cancer. Check out the article here.
Sadly, Cindy lost her brother when he was only four years old to leukemia. I'm hoping to get an interview with Cindy soon.

Folk singer Pete Seeger is doing a benefit concert for New England farmers. He's amazing. I had the privilege of talking with him for a half-hour for an upcoming book on what musicians are doing to change the world (he's a neighbor from my neck of the woods!). He's such a dedicated man, especially to music and the environment. I hope one day to print the interview here as an excerpt from the book. In the meantime, read about the concert here.

It's nice to be back! LOL

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